2024 Public Nuisance Notice

Residents/Property Owners/Renters,


Spring came early this year! The Winthrop Police Department will begin sending notices to residents that are not in compliance with city nuisance ordinances.  Since we started seeing nicer weather, residents are asked to bring their property into compliance.  Please correct any violations on your property/rental property.

A city wide clean up is scheduled for: May 4, 2024 from 12pm-2pm (Fire Building). Property owners are asked to ensure their property is taken care of before this time, but it is there as a resource to remove unwanted items.

Here are some common violations that we will be looking for (but are not limited too):

  • Junk Motor Vehicles – Any vehicles on the property (unless stored in garage or storage building) that do not have current registration or appear to be undriveable/inoperable (flat tires, missing vehicle parts, etc.) “Vehicles” is defined by Minn. Stat. 169.01.
  • Public Nuisances – the piling, storing, or keeping of old machinery, junk, furniture, household furnishings or appliances or component parts thereof, garbage, or other non-usable debris on yard/property in view of the public.
  • Lawn/Weed Control – Any grass or weeds growing upon any lot or parcel of land to a height greater than 10-inches, or which have gone or about to go to seed would be an ordinance violation.
  • Unlawful Parking and Storage –Boats or trailers of any kind parked upon a city street for longer than 48 hours.
  • Building Appearance – Chipped, cracked, noticeable deterioration of painted exterior siding on house, garage, shed, storage building; holes on roof(s)/eves, etc.

A complete list of all the Nuisances and Offenses can be found at winthropminnesota.com under Chapter VIII (8) of the Winthrop City Code.

Failure to comply with nuisance ordinances set forth by the City of Winthrop may result in a citation issued by the Winthrop Police Department.

Let us do our part as residents of this wonderful city, in showing respect to our neighbors and ourselves by being good stewards of our property and households.  We all deserve to live in a safe and clean community that we can take pride in.  For those of you who are already doing so, thank you.  Your voluntarily effort into being in compliancy with city ordinance is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to reach out to either City of Winthrop Administrator or Winthrop Police Department if you have any questions. City Hall 507-647-5306.

Aron Hacker

Assistant Police Chief (badge number 402)

Winthrop Police Department


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