Budget Billing

City of Winthrop Introduces Budget Billing for Utility Payments


The City of Winthrop is excited to announce the launch of Budget Billing for utility payments starting this August. This new service is designed to bring predictability and convenience to your monthly utility bills by providing a consistent payment amount throughout the year.


How Budget Billing Works:

– Predictable Payments: Monthly payments will be based on your average usage over the past 12 months, helping you avoid seasonal spikes in utility costs.

– Annual Review: Accounts will be reviewed every September.

– Flexibility: Enroll at any time and withdraw from the program whenever you choose.


Eligibility Requirements:

– Good Standing: Accounts must be current and in good standing.

– Meter Readings: Actual or card meter readings must be provided each month.

– Account Age: Service must have been established for at least one year.

– Residential and Commercial: Both residential and commercial accounts are eligible.


For added convenience, Budget Billing can be paired with Automatic Bill Payment, ensuring your payments are made on time every month without the hassle of manual processing.


For more information or to enroll in Budget Billing, please contact the Winthrop Utility Billing Department at 507-647-5306 or visit www.winthropminnesota.com/utilities.



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