City Departments

There are many ways in which the City of Winthrop works to serve the community. The following are the City’s departments, including a description of their main functions. 

Public Safety

Responsible for all safety and emergency activities in the City.

Police Department

Chief of Police: Logan Anderson

Assistant Police Chief: Aron Hacker

Patrol Officers:Reed Mitchell

Part Time Patrol Officers: Larry Warzecha, Eric Cruckson, RJ Kniefel, Karen Zimny


307 Pleasant Ave

Winthrop, MN 55396

Professional men and women dedicated to providing excellence in police service.

We are committed to serve diligently in partnership with our community members to enhance the quality of life for all who reside and visit Winthrop.

We are proud to serve our citizens and visitors with compassion, integrity, and respect.

The Winthrop Fire Department serves the City of Winthrop as well as portions of the four surrounding townships: Alfsborg, Bismark, Cornish & Transit.

To view a map of the service area click here: winthrop-fire-department-service-area

Fire Department

Chief: Adam Pagel
1st Assistant Chief: Randy Reinharts
2nd Assistant Chief: Mike Burns
Captain Truck A: Lonnie Bacon
Captain Truck B: Troy Peterson
Captain Truck C: Alex Portner

  • Tony Kammerlander
  • Mark Gleason
  • Scott Trebelhorn
  • Lonnie Bacon
  • Ryan Froehlich
  • Justin TenEyck
  • Rodney Fischer
  • Mark Beckendorf
  • Jim Neubarth
  • Jason Fritz
  • Leon Kley
  • Troy Martin
  • Rafael Lopez
  • Troy Peterson
  • Mike Burns
  • Chris Fritz
  • Adam Pagel
  • Jacob Isaccson
  • Henry Maiers
  • Randy Reinhart
  • Jake Anderson
  • Logan Lauritsen
  • Austin Black
  • Kristen Chambers
  • Lucas Blumhoefer
  • Kyle Kovack
  • Justin TenEyck
  • Katie Maiers
  • Leon Kley
  • Ryan Froehlich
  • Troy Martin

Ambulance Service

Captain: Ed Stoll
Vice Captain/Training Officer: Verl Schmidt
Secretary: Kaie Gran
Supply: Katie Gran
Maintenance: Verl Schmidt

  • Amanda DeBoer
  • Anna Theis
  • Cari Panitzke
  • Cheryl Malheim
  • Ed Stoll
  • Erin Wersal
  • Jesse Gran
  • Katie Gran
  • Kristin McCue
  • LaNae Crain-Schmidt
  • Logan Lauritsen
  • Lyna Kaskinen
  • Mike Burns
  • Mindi Pagel
  • Nick Schmidt
  • Scot Kuester
  • Verl Schmidt
  • Virginia Stoll
  • Justin TenEyck
  • Katie Maiers
  • Leon Kley
  • Ryan Froehlich
  • Troy Martin

Provides 24-hour response for emergency medical services.

The fleet consists of two rigs:
2007 Braun Chief XL Prestige Type III
2014 Braun Chief XL Prestige Type III

 City of Winthrop
City of Gibbon
Parts of Alfsborg, Bismark, Cornish, Moltke, Severance, and Transit townships.

Click here for a map of the service area: winthrop-ambulance-service-area


Responsible for overall city operations.  

Key staff members include the City Administrator, City Clerk, and Utility Clerk.

Public works

Responsible for the major utilities and infrastructure of the City.

Key staff members include the Public Works Director and Water and Sewer Superintendent.

City Library

Responsible for the operation of the City Library.

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