Lead Water Service Inspection

Is the water service line to your home or business lead? The City of Winthrop wants to help you find out. The MN Department of Health lead water service line inventory program is a mandated inventory that requires the City of Winthrop to inventory ALL water service lines within the city or serviced by the city’s water supply by October 16, 2024.

The purpose is to identify whether your water line coming out of the ground by your water meter and into your home/business is made of PVC, plastic, copper, galvanized or lead. If your water line is made of lead, it can potential contaminate your water source. Lead can cause serious health concerns for anyone that consumes it.

The City of Winthrop has created a website where residents can easily submit their information by themselves, without the intrusion of city staff. The website can be found at www.winthropminnesota.com. Select City Services, then Utilities. You will need to include your address, phone number (if we have questions), and a photo of the pipe coming out of the ground (as pictured below). A photo submitted from your phone’s camera is sufficient.

If you feel uncomfortable identifying the type of water service line coming into your home/business, we also provide free inspection and compliance submission. You can sign up using the above website or call City Hall directly at 507-647-5306. Public Works will work with homeowners to setup dates and times that work with their schedule.

Please remember that this is a state mandated request, and each service line must be inspected and inventoried. If lines are lead based the city will schedule replacement of these lines free of charge.

For questions, please contact the City of Winthrop at 507-647-5306.



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