Planning Commission

The Planning Commission shall

a) serve as an advisory board to the Council in matters of directing the future physical development of the City.
b) upon request of the Council, make studies, investigations and recommendations to the Council regarding matters affecting zoning, platting and public improvements.
c) adopt a plan and map for future development and land use.

Meetings are held when necessary and called by the Chairman or City Administrator.


Planning Commission Agendas


Planning Commission Minutes

The Planning Commission consists of five (5) members.

  • Four members shall be appointed by the city council and may be removed by a four-fifths vote of the council.
  • The council selects one member of the commission from among its own members.
  • The City Attorney, City Clerk and City Administrator shall act as non-voting advisers.
  • In order to qualify for appointment to the planning commission, the candidate must be a resident of the City of Winthrop, a property owner in the City or a business owner in the City.
    Terms on the planning commission are three (3) year terms.


Current Planning Commission Members

Adam Pagel, Chairman
Rodney Fischer, Vice Chairman
Ryan Froehlich, Commissioner
Troy Martin, Commissioner
Councilor Megan Schmidt, Council Ex Officio
Heather Haun, City Clerk/Secretary
Michael Looft, City Administrator
Walton Law Group, City Attorney

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