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Winthrop EDA Mission

The Winthrop Economic Development Authority (EDA) works to meet the development needs of existing and new businesses.
The EDA is responsible for administering programs that support business and industry.
Through business development assistance, the EDA helps to strengthen and grow Winthrop and the local economy.

Winthrop is strategically located in South Central Minnesota, just 75 miles from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. In addition, Winthrop is only a short distance from several regional economic areas including New Ulm (20 miles) and Mankato-North Mankato, (40 miles).


Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for a place to expand, Winthrop has what you need. 

With great commercial lots available, the Winthrop Economic Development Authority (EDA) can find a location that’s perfect for you. Winthrop has city-owned and EDA-owned lots, as well as lots specially designated as “Winthrop Opportunities” lots in its commercial park and in town. Winthrop Opportunities lots are part of a private investment group that helps new and established entities with financing for starting or expanding their businesses.

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Map it Out & Find Your Lot!

The Winthrop EDA is available to help out businesses in Winthrop or businesses looking to locate in Winthrop. Click on the map to find available lots. Then contact us for more information. The Winthrop EDA can assist you with finding office space, small business loans or other programs that may be helpful to you.

Michael Looft
Winthrop’s Economic Development Director


Now taking Applications for 2024

The Winthrop Economic Development Authority (WEDA) finds it necessary to again help businesses invest in new technology and advertising for businesses. The WEDA has reinvested into the Technology and Advertising Grant Program. For the betterment of the business community, the WEDA will begin these programs as a competitive grant process to see business community need and future viability. Businesses need not be within the physical city limits, but rather service and employee the Citizens of Winthrop. Business address must remain the in 55396 zip code.

The business manager, owner or operator will fill out the grant application. Applications must be filled out in their entirety to be considered. Grantees will designate one responsible individual to sign the application and all duties and reasonability pertaining to the application. The grants will then be voted on for viability from the Winthrop Economic Development Authority at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

Funding opportunities will be based on a competitive grant process. The WEDA will fund up to three businesses for the 2024 season. Full funding for the project will be $5000.00. Each business qualifies for up to $1500.00. All funds will be distributed after project completion. All funds will be considered a reimbursement after the approval of project. Retro active projects will be considered.


The Winthrop Economic Development Authority (WEDA) is proud to announce the Facade Loan Program. The goal of this program is to improve the conditions of properties located in our Central Business District. Those that have eligible expenses should read the criteria and program guidelines carefully to fully understand the program. Then fill out the application and submit it to
WEDA Director 
City Hall
305 N Main St. PO BOX Y. Winthrop, MN 55396

Our community is blessed with a rich history, and our historic building storefronts stand as a testament to our heritage. As custodians of this legacy, it is our responsibility to ensure the preservation and prosperity of these architectural treasures.

The WEDA firmly believes in the power of a thriving business community and recognizes the importance of maintaining the charm and character of our historic storefronts. We understand that as business owners, you face various challenges, and we are committed to providing purposeful assistance to ensure the long-term success of your establishments.

It is with great pleasure that the EDA introduce to a new initiative, the Loan Facade Program. This program has been meticulously designed to encourage and support owners in making exterior building improvements, thereby revitalizing our storefronts and enhancing the overall appeal of our community.

Through the Loan Facade Program, the WEDA will collaborate with business owners to partially fund the costs associated with building updates. We believe that this financial assistance will not only alleviate some of the financial burdens you may face but also act as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring others to invest in their storefronts and uplifting the visual aesthetics of our town.

The WEDA is firmly committed to fostering a strong partnership with our business community. We understand that each storefront is unique, and our program aims to be flexible, accommodating a variety of architectural styles.

We encourage all business owners to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to revitalize your storefronts and make a lasting impact on our community. Together, we can create a vibrant and thriving environment that attracts visitors, promotes local commerce, and preserves our heritage.

Let us work hand in hand, with a shared vision, to ensure that our historic building storefronts stand proudly for generations to come.

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To apply for gap financing with the Winthrop Economic Development Authority, fill out our loan application and return it to City Hall.

Need some gap financing to start or grow a business?


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